Piet du Plooy 1965 - 2014


Namibia Sport Commissioner and former rugby captain Piet du Plooy passed away on Saturday following a heart attack.
According to a message on his Facebook page, he suffered a massive heart attack on Thursday, and an operation to insert a stent (a small mesh tube to open up the arteries) was unsuccessful.

He was admitted to the theatre of the Catholic Hospital where he received shock treatment while he was also given a temporary pacemaker. He remained in ICU before he passed away on Saturday.

The 49-year-old Du Plooy was the managing director of Trip Travel while he was closely involved with Namibian sport since independence.

He represented Namibia's national rugby team at lock in five official test matches between 1992 and 1994 and also captained the side.

He also played for and captained the University of Stellenbosch during his student days. 

Following a successful playing career he continued to be involved in sport and in particular in rugby. He served as a Namibia Sport Commissioner for many years, while he was also the chairman of judges at the recent Namibian Sports Commission Awards.

A few years ago he survived cancer through bone-marrow transplants and started living a completely healthy life again, spending most of his time with Trip Travel activities.

The Namibia Rugby Union on Sunday paid tribute to Du Plooy in a statement issued to the media.

“We are very sad to hear about Piet's passing and our heartfelt condolences go out to his wife IIsje and son AJ,” said Wessel Kotzé, the team manager of the national team, which is currently in France as part of its November international tour.

“Just a week ago we invited Piet to do a motivational talk to the team before the test match against Germany and he was very honoured to do so. His words to us were truly inspirational and left everyone with a very important message about playing rugby for Namibia and life in general and that's how we will remember him,” Kotzè said.

NRU president Bradley Basson said that the death of Piet du Plooy was a great loss to his family as well Namibian sport and rugby in particular.

“Piet always had the best interests of Namibian rugby at heart and we will remember him as an outstanding individual who made a huge contribution to Namibian rugby on and off the field,” said Basson.

Basson confirmed that the Namibian team will wear black armbands in their match against the French Barbarians in Toulon on Friday out of respect for Piet du Plooy and his family.

He is survived by his wife IIsje and son AJ du Plooy.
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Withuis Bo

So 'n bek moet jem kry.......

Brian van Vuuren, tans as primarius van Simonsberg Koshuis en het reeds twee vorige termyne op die huiskomitee van hierdie koshuis gedien. Maar Brian is meer as 'n net 'n puik studenteleier en het oor die afgelope paar jaar met verskeie toekennings weggestap... Lees verder


FLEUR DE LIS (Senaatklub)

 The Fleur de lis (FDL) was unfortunately in a dire state of disrepair from a number of years of abuse. A decision was taken by the current Senaat of 2013, with the backing of the HK, to renovate and repair the FDL. The Senaat of 2013 has been renovating the FDL club intensively since the beginning of the year with the goal of re-establishing the FDL as a members club. The idea behind this is so that the FDL will no longer be the private bar of the Senaat but rather a Members club for the senior residence and old boys of Simonsberg.


This comes at a time when the new residence placement policy of Stellenbosch University places a restriction on the number of seniors in the residences across campus from 2014 onwards. Thus the FDL will not only serve as a venue and Club for the seniors in residence but also provide a platform for a longer lasting engagement of newly vacated Simonsbergers as well as continual interaction with the old boys and Simonsberg.

The atmosphere trying to be created through the members club is one of class and sophistication, providing a more mature environment in which past and present Simonsbergers can interact.


FDL Charter 2013.pdf (355.65KB)
FDL Charter 2013.pdf (355.65KB)



Senaat FDL Upgrades 2013.pdf (426.84KB)
Senaat FDL Upgrades 2013.pdf (426.84KB)







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